Blade is one of the oldest tools that early people used in ancient time, and it has been playing an important role in daily living since then. But when you cut food and you use blade on human's body, for instance, shaving or hair-cutting, rust on the blade is annoying and you can't savor delicious cuisine. This is why stainless steel blade was created meeting users' need, but at first stainless steel blades had bad reputation for being blunt. It is because the early stainless steel was not suitable for cutting blade.
Our V Gold1 is an ideal cutting steel and its material provides the base of our stainless cutting steel series.

From raw material with fewer impurities, the ingot is made by latest refining technology. It has fine and ductile structure and is easy to forge by fire. Heat treatment is also easy to apply to and the product is corrosive resistant.
Blades made of VG1 meet these four major requirements for a good blade;

  1. hard
  2. ductile
  3. abrasion-resistant
  4. corrosive-resistant
VG1 contains 1.0% of C and hard primary carbide and secondary carbide co-exist in the substrate, which enhances its abrasion resistance. 14% of Cr also contributes to improvement in corrosive-resistance and strength. Mo together with Cr forms hard double carbide helping improve in abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
VG10 is utilized in many fields such as for hairdresser's scissors, kitchen knives, blade for food-processing machineries.

Component Standard

C Cr W Mo V Ni Co
VG1 0.95-1.05 13.0-15.0 - 0.2-0.4 - 0.25 or lower -

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