When users chose cutting steels which are suitable for various kinds of knives, thier demands for performance of cutting steels becomes diverse, but the indispensable prerequisites of good steel have never changed.
V Gold 10, a high quality cutting stainless steel, is made from highly-selected pure iron material and is worked by best technology, thus VG10 has ductility and shows workability and forgeability. Besides VG10 is free from corrosion caused by impure substances and achieved good abrasion resistance. Our V Steel Series boast these excellent features.

V Gold10 is composed by raw materials and some elements that form alloys.
Addition of 15% of Cr, 1% of Mo and 1,5% of Co makes the matrix (substrate) stronger and prevents carbides from dropping out. By adding V, the structure becomes finer. Added Cr, Mo, and V form a lot of hard carbides, so abrasion resistance imoroves which gives knives long-term clean cutting, VG10 is rather machinable and easy to grind.
VG10 also has quadratic effect in high-tempereature tempering that it is ideal use in cutting tools which are given surface-coating at up to about 450℃.


Component Standard

C Cr Mo V Co
VG10 1.0% 15,0% 1.0% 0.2% 1.5%

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